The List: 2018 Edition

The List is an annual compilation of 100 things that I've never done before (or haven't done recently), but would love to complete. The List was inspired by my friend MK and I think I can safely say that listing has been a life-changing experience for both of us. 

2018 marks my FIFTH go-round at list writing and tackling and contains a blend of items rolled over from past lists along with new items. I also reserve the right to add "bonus" items on top of the original 100 things, should the spirit so move me. 13 new items completed for the year is my magic number.

1. See Hamilton
2. Take a Soul Cycle class
3. Make scallops
4. Attend the Luminary Loppet
5. Take a knife skills cooking class
6. Visit Minnehaha Falls in the Winter
7. Go to a Jazz club
8. Decorate my home office
9. Visit the Salt Cave in Minneapolis
10. Plant a Rose bush
11. Take one of those DNA tests to learn more about my ancestry
12. Record a YouTube video
13. Volunteer to help with a fundraiser
14. Rock the Garden Music Fest
15. Visit Key West!
16. Stay in the Ice Hotel in Sweden
17. Vacation in Thailand
18. Visit a butterfly garden
19. Shark dive
20. Visit a winery I've never been to before
21.  Listen to Victorian ghost stories at the Hill House
22. Eat pizza at the Pizza Farm in WI
23. Read a book about #37 Nixon (I asked B to pick a # bet 26-44 at random, he picked 37)
24. Take an Aerial Yoga class
25. See a comedian perform live who I haven't seen before
26. Invest in a blockchain currency
27. Participate in a drum circle
28. Visit the Michigan UP (upper peninsula, for you non-Michiganders)
29. Eat Rice Krispies Treats Cereal (available by special order only, apparently)
30. Make homemade limoncello
31. Golf 18 holes
32. Water ski
33. Make pasta from scratch
34. Take an improv class
35. See the NYC Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in person
36. Order a whole lobster at a restaurant
37. Eat at Spoon and Stable
38. Make champagne fountain out of wine glasses
39. Go cross country skiing
40. Go to the Walker
41. Montana ski trip
42. Get a spa treatment that I haven't had before (facial, body wrap, aromatherapy bath)
43. Eat vegetarian for two weeks
44. Eat vegan for a week
45. Make something from my "Crafting with Cat Hair" book
46. Take a creative writing class
47. Make a candle
48. Try a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron
49. Ride in a Hot Tug Jacuzzi boat
50. Visit Australia
51. Complete a wine professional certification program
52. Explore Meow Wolf
53. Visit a lavender farm
54. Stomp wine grapes
55. Dine at Travail
56. Visit a national park (I haven't been to one in a long time)
57. Buy a magnum size bottle of sparkling wine
58. Watch all 7 Harry Potter movies in movie marathon style
59. Visit Alaska
60. Pin-up photo shoot
61. Buy something at a Farmer's market
62. Try an "expensive" Champagne ($100+)
63. Pet a penguin
64. Try Vitamin IV therapy
65. Upcycle my mom's old jewelry box
66. Make something artistic and/or useful out of sparkling wine corks and/or cages
67. Meditate by the ocean
68. Attend the Minnesota Orchestra
69. Get my antique ring appraised
70. Help MK achieve an item from her 52New List (and get a mention on her "thank you" list!)
71. Visit a psychic
72. Visit an actual haunted house
73. Karaoke
74. Make Whoopie Pies
75. Fly a kite
76. Put up a trellis in the yard
77. Volunteer as an animal socializer
78. Take a ferry across Lake MI (SS Badger or Lake Express)
79. Visit Meijer Gardens
80. Achieve expert status/finish the Spanish tree on Duolingo
81. Take a dance class
82. Hold a hedgehog
83. Float on a giant inflatable unicorn or some other ridiculous and oversized water floatie
84. Visit a new state I've never been to before
85. Refinish a piece of furniture
86. Teach a Cat Yoga class
87. Watch the sunrise every morning for a week
88. Watch the sunset every day for a week
89. Take a "wine and canvas"/"paint and sip" class
90. Work or volunteer in a foreign country
91. Post something inspiring on a public bulletin board
92. Open an Etsy shop (or something similar)
93. Teach a Yoga Workshop
94. Buy a pair of cowboy boots in TX
95. Ride a horse
96. Get a cactus
97. Try Flotation REST Therapy
98. Learn how to saber champagne
99. Start a wine blog
100. Snowshoe

Bonus Items

101. Diet Coke Free for 2 years
102. Try acupuncture
103. Make (and drink) a Decoction Herbal Medicinal Tea
104. Visit the Polydactyl cats at the Hemingway House