Facebook Free For Forty Days

In case you haven't seen my Facebook profile announcement (posted on Mardi Gras, I think), I've given up Facebook for Lent.

I wasn't on Facebook every waking moment or anything, but I was on it enough (a morning Blackberry check on the train, a lunch time brain drain on the laptop, that sort of thing) that it was becoming an unhealthy distraction. I would read a few status updates in my newsfeed and I would think "why the fuck are you telling this to the world?" And then I would be annoyed by it. And then I would be minorly embarrassed by my annoyance, because, really, if a rando-acquaintence feels the need to tell her 400 FB friends that "OMG, my wedding is only 86 days away! I can't wait to be Mrs. Divorcedinoneyeariwouldbetmoneyonit!" then why should that really affect me in any way? And who am I to rain on rando's parade? A wedding is an exciting, once (typically) in a lifetime experience, so shouldn't that be worth a little horn tooting?

I've hidden a lot of the most dull/self-promoting/sympathy-baiter/etc of my "frends" (i use loosely, because I have somehow acquired something like 390 friends, and I'm pretty sure I don't even know 390 people -- but that's what happens when you work for large companies, or your high school or college reunion sneaks up and old friends come crawling out of the woodwork), but every so often, an undesirable friend update creeps through and inexplicably succeeds at irking me.

I think it will be a good cleansing experience to rid myself of the FB distraction for a little bit. Oh, and in case you're reading this post as a note on my FB page, it's because my blog (twentytenthirty.blogspot.com) imports automatically to my FB account. So no, I promise you I am not a hypocrite and did not log on to FB to write this.