(Almost) The Ides of March

February update is long overdue, here it is - along with some March thrown in.

Weight loss: Another 5 lbs shed in February - for a total of 15 lbs gone.

Running: Not the best in Feb (and sneak preview - won't be great in March either...) But, I knocked out a total of 31.2 miles in Feb for a grand total of 65.4 miles in in 2010 as of the end of February. For the record, I've only run 4 miles so far in March. I've been battered by colds this season (3 in total), and work has been such a drain on me lately. Excuses though, right...back on the horse, giddyup.

Work: no comment.

Personal: a blur, clouded by work, by the waiting game, by health issues.

All in all, not an award-winning month, I was happy to put it behind me...and frankly March has come in like a lion, so I can only hope the out-like-a-lamb bit holds true. This month I continue to log long and draining days at work, struggle with ongoing health issues that I can't quite shake, wait in limbo for life changing news, deal with drama at home (a burst pipe and some major water damage), cater to a sick and stinky feline (not Timmy, surprisingly)...And all these little battles are sucking the fighting spirit right out of me. At this point, the only option I have is...well, I guess...to NOT fight life so much, and just accept that shit happens. I'm holding onto the hope that the load of fertilizer that has been shoveled my way lately will result in dozens of big, fat roses - and fast.

On the good side, I have a new doctor and a new medication that I am hopeful will bring me some relief. Also my sister came to Chicago for a visit this weekend, and my good friend Heather too, so double bonus. And, I was on the winning flip cup team at yesterday's St Patty's day festivities (still got it, after all these years - heh). These are all small, but important victories....keep 'em coming please, I'm ready for the scale to tip in a more positive direction.