I have news! Sort of! It's still unfolding...and right now I'm just keeping a good thought for how it will all turn out. Because it could be pretty fantastic. And...I don't want to say anything else about it until it's more "real" and locked in stone. But, I want to stir up some positive energy from the universe, hence this teasy little post that...I have news! Sort of!

I'm so behind on the regular update-y aspects of my 20-10-30 space. So...here's the short version. I'm behind on my mileage. Almost at 100 miles. Hoping to be past 150 by the end of May...which will still put me 100 miles behind where I should be. That's ok, I'm still going to go for my 500 mile goal. I ran 5 miles yesterday, and felt great. I'm also behind on my weightloss. I was at-15 at the end of March. I'm now at -10 total. So...back on the horse. Weight has always been a struggle for me...but I'm still trying.

As far as the April update...as you know from post previous, I'm older/wiser. In celebration of my 30th, Brian, Erin, Clint and I lived it up in VEGAS baby, which included great meals (including uber trendy Tao), great entertainment (including Cirque du Soleil and a trip to Hoover Damn), and great weather (we spent a loooot of time on the Lazy River @ the MGM grand). And, When I came home, I had an amazing post-birthday weekend (dinner w/ friends at Las Tablas, drinks @ Merkles, and a Cubbies game that Sunday - with a win!).

This whole year has been such a roller coaster...but I just can't help having positive feelings for the news! Sort of! That I am excited to share...soon...and stay tuned!