100 Miles

On my 32nd birthday, I decided to try to be more consistent at tracking my distance, mileage, and condition (weather and self) of my runs.  Today, 136 days later, I finally reached 100 miles of running.  At this rate, I will complete about 270 miles by my next birthday.   My superior math skills tell me that's not even an average of one mile a day in a year, but that's not really the point.  I'm  currently averaging about 1.5 runs a week at a distance of around 3.3 miles a run, and I'd really like to get a bit more consistent with my running workouts.  Ideally, those numbers would reflect an average of 2-3 runs a week (with a few non-running workouts thrown into the mix as well), so I guess I'll need to step up my game a bit.

That said I am proud to say that I did NOT blow off my 7 mile run today!  It's what nudged me just over the 100 mile mark today, after all.  Once B fixed my Garmin, I really had no excuse. Not that I had an excuse to begin with...running IS possible without a GPS strapped to your wrist - shocking!  In fact, I knocked out 7.5 miles (.5 for extra credit), at a speed of about 0:12:30 a mile, so definitely turtle speed, but I ran the whole time, none the less.  I'll chalk that up to a win for today. 4 weeks til 10 mile race day!