Standard Time...A New Beginning

It's time to fall back...and fall back, I did.  I've been a yo-yo weight wise for a long, long time now, and I have officially gained 20 big, fat lbs since B graduated in early May.   Time to get serious...again...and lose this 20 lbs...again (...and then some...*ahem*)  Never quit quitting bad habits, I guess.

First, the good news is I completed my 10 mile race last month.  I was hoping to finish in 2 hours, which averages to 12 min/mile, but it took me 2:08:08, which is 12:49 min/mile.  I got a really bad cold the weekend before, and pulled a 60 hour work week.  And, even though I kept up with the long runs for my training, I was not running as much as I wanted.  I'm slow, and I'm mostly ok with that, but I know I can do better.

I haven't run a step since that day (until today)....and I've gained 6 lbs since race day.  So, here we are again.    B recently started working out with kettlebells, and he bought one for me too.  I used to work out with kettlebells back in Austin with my trainer, so I took to the Pinterest boards to check out some workouts and create a VERY basic, not-dr.-or-trainer-approved plan that works a few different areas.  I'll see if I can start by sticking to a 3x a week, 20ish minute plan.

Here's what I'm trying for the first few weeks.

1. Warm up - Stretch+Run around the block (.7 miles, according to GPS)
2. Kettlebell Swing  10 reps, 20 lbs
3.  Around the Body Pass.   10 reps, 20 lbs
4. Dead lift. 10 reps 20 lbs
5. Yoga Ball V Ups   10 reps with yoga ball
6.  Plank for 30 seconds (and work my way back up)

Repeat 2-6.

I'm also going to work on nutrition, following the orders of  my former Austin nutritionist.  Her orders were to set 2-4 SMALL, ACHIEVABLE nutrition goals every 2 week, and stick to them.  Then, every few weeks, you just add to those achievable goals (never subtracting).  No calorie counting, just smarter, healthy, conscious changes.  Here's what I'm going to start with these first few weeks.

1.  Drink 6 glasses of water daily.
2.  Eat 1 piece of fruit daily.
3.  No more than 2 diet cokes daily (eventually, weekends only...but I need to ween...)
4. No Splenda in the coffee (I admit, I got out of this habit a long time ago.  If you need a sweetener, it's better to use the real thing.  But, wanted to include on my 'week 1' list anyway!)

That's it.  Keeping it simple.  Gotta start somewhere...let's see what I can accomplish before the new year.