Challenge Accepted!

Well folks, I've started chip chipping away at my list. I am now one-tenth of the way completed with one of my goals. To be specific, I am now one-tenth of the way completed with goal #45 "Make/do 10 “pins” from my Pinterest pin boards (the catch - must be from 10 different boards)".

I actually achieved my one-tenth-of-one-item status on New Years Day, but I've been sitting on it and savoring the glory of my high-achieving status before making it public to the "masses. "Masses", of course, is relative. In this case it approximates to four readers, give or take...well, four I guess..

Anyway, let's talk of my goal-conquering progress! For New Years, I made a delicious Pillsbury Crescent Roll breakfast casserole from my "Breakfast-Rise and Shine!" Pinboard. I think my dream job might actually be to test, rate, and publicize Pillsbury Crescent Roll recipes. Does that job exist? And if so, can I have it? I'm not ashamed to admit my love for those flaky, buttery crescents from heaven runs deep. To paraphrase a quote from Buddy the Elf (though, I mean, that's so passe given Christmas is, like, so over) "I'm in love [with Pillsbury Crescent Rolls] and I don't care who knows it!

But enough dilly dallying. Here is my creation! Interested in the recipe? Follow me on Pinterest, or you can head straight to the source at Bran Appetit!

Here are all the ingredients.  B made fun of me b/c it took me a while to create this artful masterpiece of packaged refrigerated foods. In all of my infinite kitchen wisdom, I almost forgot to add the milk. Almost.

Lots of tasty casserole!  All for me!  Just kidding, I shared some with B.

Om nom nom!  See how I colorfully arranged the fruit?  Such a balanced breakfast, deelish!