I'm a bit behind with my List 2013 Progress Reporting - ok that's an understatement - I'm a LOT behind! This month, I'll do the best I can to catch up.  I'll start with a list item crossed off, oh, 4 months ago (back in April, back when it was still SNOWING here in Minneapolis -- thank goodness the snow finally stopped in MAY).

I wasn't expecting to be able to cross "see Aziz LIVE" off my list, but low and behold, Minneapolis was a one-night-only stop on his tour earlier this year, and B snagged us tix!   Sign of the times (and a credit to the media world both B and I have played in professionally), B scored the tix via a Facebook ad.  Ohhh, the digital era!

But enough with the digi media nerd talk.  The show was AWE-to-tha-SOME!  It was all new-to-me material - so no "Raaaaaandyyyy" - but still hilarious.

I must confess, however, that Brian and I were both a bit rude during the opening act.  You see, the Aziz show fell during March Madness Playoffs -- specifically the final four -- and importantly MICHIGAN in the final four. the kids say in their crazy hashtag talk -- #sorrynotsorry -- it was pretty awesome to catch that win before Aziz took the stage.

Go Blue!  And Go Aziz!