21DSD: Day 11 (Half way there!)

Technically, I made it through day 11, and technically I'm officially OVER half way through the detox! Technically.   Even though I didn't cheat (much), I kind of feel like I did.
First, I ate the entire batch of Apple Streusel egg muffins I made last night (which is 6 muffins and equivalent to 3 servings).  These are from the 21DSD book, so all ingredients are approved, but it probably totaled just under 2 apples consumed, when I really should have only eaten one apple today (that's my cheat. I don't feel too bad about it).  At least I did not eat all of the muffin at once! I had three of the muffins for breakfast and the remaining for a snack.  Needless to say, the muffins were pretty good.

Then, for dinner, Brian and I were both craving pizza, which is obviously NOT allowed on the detox.  So, B went for the loophole and got a little creative in the kitchen and invented his version of "Meatza"  -- a weaved bacon "crust" topped with ground beef, tomato, cheese, onions, peppers and oregano.  It was oh, so wrong, and yet oh, so right!  And, gluten/sugar/soy free! All of those items are allowed...but man that's a lot of fat.  I had two pieces.  there.  I've confessed!  I even posted photos below.

Let's just move to the day 11 rundown, shall we?!?-

Time Went to Bed Last night: 11:00 pm
Time I Got Up This Morning: 6:30 am 
How I felt when I woke up (excellent, good, fair, poor):  Good
General Mood/Energy throughout the day (excellent, good, fair, poor):  Good/good, though energy in the evening kind of low
Exercise (type/duration):  None.
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream, and 3 apple streusel egg muffins from the 21DSD book.
Lunch:  Salad with veggies and lemon pepper chicken that I prepped at the start of the week
Dinner:  "Meatza" as discussed in the paragraph above. I do not wish to discuss further!
Snacks:  The remaining 2 apple streusel egg muffins (and confession - I tried one last night right before bed, after I already published my update.  Technically not cheating except for eating a few additional slices of apple when the limit is technically one apple a day).
Water Intake: 6 glasses

"Bacon Weave Crust"

The full on "Meatza"