21DSD: Day 4

Another milestone - I'm over halfway through the first week!

I'm tired, so I'm going to laze out of this one and let the run down speak for itself today -- 

Time Went to Bed Last night: 10:30 pm 

Time I Got Up This Morning: 6:45 am.  I only got up to pee twice!  

How I felt when I woke up (excellent, good, fair, poor):  good - felt like my sleep was deeper than in the past.  Funny, I dreamed about avocados last night - maybe because I had so much guac that yesterday!  (which means I'll probably dream about avocados again tonight)!

General Mood/Energy throughout the day (excellent, good, fair, poor):  Another good day mood and energy wise, though I slumped a bit energy wise around 3pm and noshing on almonds wasn't really helping

Exercise (type/duration):  This is getting embarrassing - I did not exercise.  I had a saxophone lesson after work, and was feeling pretty drained after that.   I will try to get more exercise in next week, this week I feel like it's ok to focus on succeeding in my detox.

Breakfast:  Coffee with cream, 3 egg white muffins

Lunch:   Leftover steak salad with lots of guac and carrot sticks

Dinner:  More guac, summer sausage and cheese

Snacks:  Almonds. I'm getting kind of sick of almonds...

Water Intake: 6 glasses