21DSD: Day 7 (I made it through the first week!)

Today is day 7 of the detox -- I'm getting ready for bed now, which means Holy crap, I made it through the first full week!  I'm now one-third of the way through! Weeee! I feel like a different person compared to a week ago.  It is truly astonishing how much my mood, energy and sleep have improved in just a week of low-sugar, gluten free eating.  Don't get me wrong, it has been a tough week, with plenty of cravings, temptation and self-doubt, especially during the first 4 days of the detox. But now my confidence is way up, and I feel extremely motivated to keep going.  

I am far from a nutrition expert (though I have an increasing interest and blooming passion for the topic). While I'm not the least healthy person on the planet, I'm far from the healthiest and have struggled significantly with my weight ever since my PCOS diagnosis back in 2006 (it was my extremely rapid, unexplained weight gain that lead me to several doctors and finally receive that diagnosis).  Given my limited subject matter expertise, I admit I was intimidated when I began researching this detox, especially with all the Paleo and athlete references and modifications.  I'm neither of those things, and I thought to myself, maybe I'm out of my league if this detox is being promoted to people who already lead healthy lives and regularly practice healthy behaviors.  Yet here I am, just an average chubby chick, and I feel like I'm doing pretty damn well at this! I still have two weeks to go, so I don't want to get too rah-rah and cocky yet...but still, I think a little yippeeee is ok  :-)

In terms of the highs/lows of the week - there were plenty of both, but the highs have it.

Low points:  Major withdrawal feelings on day 1 (shaky, hungry),  digestive issues on day 4; and dry living has been tough (not that I binge on alcohol, I don't at all, but I do enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, and I miss it!)

High points:  Vastly improved sleep! I knew my sleep quality pre-detox was not great, but I didn't realize just how bad it was until I started experiencing good sleep.  It is amazing and life changing.  Also, my energy levels throughout the day are noticeably better than in the past, and I feel more motivated and much 'perkier' than normal, so the detox is without a doubt helping me overcome the blahs of depression that typically tend to linger and lurk around the corners of my daily life. Is this what most people feel like all the time?  Is it possible I could feel this good all the time too? Because if that's the case, I am willing to make this dietary change for the long term.

And finally, here's my daily run down for day 7:

Time Went to Bed Last night: 10:30pm
Time I Got Up This Morning: 8:30 am.  Another nice long sleep! 
How I felt when I woke up (excellent, good, fair, poor):  good - felt energized and like I got deep sleep. I am amazed at how well my sleep is now -- since the 3rd night of the detox, the quality my sleep has been incredible!
General Mood/Energy throughout the day (excellent, good, fair, poor):  Excellent/Good
Exercise (type/duration):  None.  Next week is a new week, and the weather is supposed to be better.  I got in *a* workout this past week (yoga), so for the coming week, I'll aim for 2. 
Brunch:  Coffee with cream, omelette with bacon, peppers, cheddar cheese, onion, and field greens with grape fruit (we went to Pizza Luce for our usual Sunday brunch)
Dinner:  homemade jalapeno poppers (recipe here - but sans the puff pastry wrap)
Snacks:  Almonds; Colby Jack cheese
Water Intake: 8 glasses at least