21DSD: Day 9

Man, am I too pooped to party today.  My energy has been low all day, and I can't pinpoint why.  I woke up to a cat walking across my head, and generally feeling cranky.  Despite my low energy, I've stayed on track with the detox, and have actually had a very productive evening catching up on wedding details that I've been procrastinating on addressing, trying out a new recipe from the 21DSD for dinner, whipping up a few more egg white/spinach/sausage muffins (this time with feta!) to have for breakfast tomorrow, and tidying the kitchen.  It's 10p now, and I cannot wait to hit the sack.  Therefore, I'm going to get straight to the rundown.

Time Went to Bed Last night: 11:00 pm
Time I Got Up This Morning: 6:00 am 
How I felt when I woke up (excellent, good, fair, poor):  poor - super cranky and could have easily snoozed for 3 hours, if not for, you know, the need to earn a living.
General Mood/Energy throughout the day (excellent, good, fair, poor):  Good/Fair.  My mood improved thorughout the day, and my energy upped a little bit, but I felt tired pretty much all day.
Exercise (type/duration):  None.
Breakfast:  Coffee with cream, and 3 egg white muffins with spinach, onion and sausage.
Lunch:  Went to the Byerly's salad bar for lunch and made a big salad, packed with veggies, turkey, eggs and balsamic dressing.
Dinner:   Made a delicious recipe from the 21DSD, Chicken with artichokes and olives.  I took a photo, and will upload it tomorrow, since I'll likely be having the leftovers for dinner.  I found the exact recipe online here.  Though, I used chicken breasts instead of thighs, and included 100% kalamata instead of a mix of olives.
Snacks:  Banana; baby carrot sticks with cream cheese
Water Intake: 6 glasses