Living La Vida Low Key

I forgot what it was like to wake up each day feeling energized instead of exhausted, and full of hope and possibilities instead of dread and anxiety. It's amazing that after just 2 weeks, my outlook on life is so completely different and so much more positive. I actually had no idea it was possible to feel! So liberated! I know that my "funemployment" is finite (my pockets aren't that deep), and I fully intend to enjoy it to the fullest extent that my circumstances allow.

Even though I'm no longer working, the weekend is still my favorite time of the week, given Brian and all of our friends are busy doing the M-F hustle. And this particular weekend, with its balmy pre-summer breezes and abundance of sunshine, was "on fleek", as the kids say (are the kids still saying that? Or is it onto the next?) Anyway, B and I started off with pool time with a good friend at her condo. A quick mo-so check informed us that Vics, a nearby wine bar/restaurant with a fab outdoor patio  was giving away FREE bottles of rose to those who could supply the magic words - and we knew the magic words! And just like that, our evening was planned. After a lazy afternoon of lounging poolside, we took it to the outdoor patio, where our one free bottle of pink quickly turned into 3 subsequent bottles of "interesting whites" and plenty of appetizers. It's been a while since I've had such a fun, spontaneous and tipsy night! And rather miraculously, nary a hangover the next morning.

On Sat, we took advantage of free movie passes that B scored through work to check out the dinos with some friends of ours. My quick and largely uninformative review of Jurassic World - horribly hokey, yet highly entertaining, though not as good as the original Jurassic Park. I was tickled with nostalgia that JW resurrected many elements of the original JP score, because I love me a well-scored movie. So few movies seem to have great scores, opting instead for a soundtrack of trite, syrupy #yuccie tunage. So. All in all, I'd say JW was worth the cost of entry (free, heh). Following the flick, we hit up Tinto Cocina+Cantina, a new taco and tequila bar that popped up recently in Uptownfor margs, guac, dinner and good conversation.

Today, B and I slept in, and then brunched at a neighborhood staple, The Lowbrow, before hitting up the driving range where I rocked my 7 iron (I did not so much rock any other club, ahem). Is it possible to play an entire round of golf with one club? Well, if I were forced to pick once club, it would be seven all the way. We are now enjoying a peaceful evening around the homestead, and may fire up the latest season of Orange is the New Black a little bit later.

All in all, nothing too wild, nothing too extravagant on deck this weekend, but I don't need wild and extravagant. It's these simple, casual and breezy summery weekends, with a blend of downtime and fun with friends, and always with a bottle (or 4) of wine, and a touch of serendipity, that bring me the most satisfaction. Oh, yes.Yes, I could get used to this!