Words/Phrases That Irritate Me And My Wacky Rationale To Explain Why

1. "Hubby" -- Every married 20/30-something I know says this. Maybe I'm just jealous?

2. "Kiddo" -- Again, everyone I know with a child under the age of 10 says this. My mom used to call me this. Yep, must be the jealousy again. I have no good reason for this one either.

3. "Stinkin' cute" or derivative thereof, such as "stinkin' adorable" and often used to describe couples, babies, small children, and old people. -- I probably just hate cute people. Especially the ones that smell bad.

4. "Shit show" -- Brian says this a lot. He knows it bugs me. I'm sure he doesn't do it on purpose, like, ever. At least it's not a "stinkin'" shit show...

5. "Tough love" -- My mom used to say this to me in college when I would call home feeling frustrated and wanting to whine. I remember distinctly finally telling her how much I hated that phrase. I still hate it (sorry, Mom!)

6. "I just threw up a little in my mouth" -- Because this is just gross

7. "Plethora" -- Because this is just an annoying thesaurus word

8. "Juxtaposition" -- Because it was highly overused in the film class I took in college. I vowed to never use it in my own writing. According to this post, I've broken my vow.

9. "Angel" to describe a child. As in "She's my angel" or "He is a perfect little angel." IMHO this just increases the odds of your 'kiddo' developing a God complex early on in life (and we already have way too many of those people walking around already) -- Again with the jealousy, eh? I probably just want to buy your baby.*

*Name that reference from a popular 90's comedy now running in syndication. I saw this particular episode tonight on the CW.