Dress Attire: Texas Snappy Casual

Last week, B and I went to a UT MBA welcome dinner at the famous Salt Lick Bar-B-Que in Driftwood, TX. The Dresscode? Texas Snappy Casual.


I googled, I Yahoo searched, I Binged...and it turns out there are absolutely zero (as in none, nada, a big fat goose-egg) results for the phrase "Texas Snappy Casual."

Search Engine FAIL.

As Salt Lick eve neared, I started to get super worried. After all, being the fashionista that I am (hahahah), I would just die if I went to the party wearing the wrong outfit! Thankfully, one of Brian's classmates sent out the following mass email and demystified the Texas Snappy Dress Code for all us Northerners.

Notes On "Texas Snappy Casual"

No one will be turned away, so stop freaking out.

The basic TSC requirement goes something like this: "Wear the tightest, darkest, denim jeans or skirt you can find!" Bonus points will be awarded (by me) for cowboy boots, hats, and belt buckle. The FULL ON TEXAN will have a dress shirt (or blouse) with two pockets, shell buttons, and something dangling off it. If you have any questions about your outfit, please send me a photo at [phone # omitted for privacy].

Here are some examples of "TSC", courtesy of an image of some random buckaroo I found on Bing images, along an image of Miley Cyrus. The "Miley", as I will call it, was a pretty popular version of "TSC" for many of the female attendees.

So. Now y'all know. And now it's time for me to go buy me some boots! Yee Haw!