It's been a year...a lot has happened.

Brian and I live in Minneapolis now.

I have a "new-old" job.  No more advertising agency.  I'm back to my 'roots' in consulting working for a former company that now has a Minneapolis location.  I have an office to go to again, no more working primarily from home.  

I'm still getting used to "getting ready" for work every day.  I do miss the yoga-pants work wardrobe.

I have a driving commute for the first time in 6 years.  It's not too bad - 25 min each way approx, and I don't mind the drive.  I prefer it to being sardined on the El.

I've taken up swimming (well...attempting to)...I'm currently taking lessons and am getting better at Freestyle.  It's all in prep for a longer term goal of doing a triathlon some day (next year, it's on).  

I own my own set of golf clubs now.  

I got Brian a remote control inflatable shark for his birthday this year.  I also got him a new pair of golf shoes that he picked out.  I also made him delicious Guinness chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's butter cream via a recipe I found on Pinterest.

I  am a Pinterest fan, and have gotten more ambitious in the kitchen, as a result.  

I made macarons from scratch.  Not a Pinterest find, but made during a French macaron class I took with my friend Jen while still living in Austin. 

I painted a room, for the first time ever in my life.  It was a lot harder than I expected.  It turned out well though. Our bedroom is now 'dolphin fin grey' to match our fancy duvee cover, which is grey, cream and chartreuse.

I introduced Brian to Ikea.

I lost my uncle to Cancer.

I went to the dentist for the first time in 4 years (gross I know.  But I really hate going to the dentist).  I have one small cavity.  I am now recommitted to flossing (as in, I've now flossed for 2 days in a row -- my appt was just a few days ago).  And I have my next six month cleaning scheduled.  I'm setting several goals based on this date, both related to my teeth and not at all related to my teeth.

I was in a wedding (the wedding of Barrie, one of my oldest and closest friends) in the Bahamas.  I consumed several island cocktails during this wedding weekend.

I did not go home for Christmas.

I witnessed a fire in the building next to ours. It was, quite literally, too close to home for comfort.  No one was injured.

I flew back and forth to Chicago at least 10 times, not to mention NYC, Boston, Detroit and Minne-pre-move (the other  more oft' visited cities).

I turned 32.

And that's not nearly the half of it.