Mish Mash - Running, Labor Day, and the First Annual Cat Vid Fest

Today I Ran 3.5 miles at a 0:12:05 pace.  Slow and steady was my motto today (and a motto to which I often subscribe) because it's very humid, hot and sunny here (not the most comfortable running combination), and I was feeling a bit tired out from yesterday's 4.5 mile run (also at a 0:12:05 pace...I like to keep it consistent).  I'm currently training for a 10 miler in Oct, and my goal is 2 hours, so I feel as though I'm right on track. Today's route was a simple there-and-back with some "easy" hills -- and lots of sprinklers too, so that helped to make the hills more bearable.

It's hard to believe that in high school I could run a 5K in under 25 min, and that's pretty slow for a  high school cross country runner.  Today, it nearly kills me to run a single mile in under 10 min, and I'm happy to complete a 5K in 35 min (about 11:15 pace).  Nevertheless, proud to say that I'm still running, after all these years.

Anyway, it's been a lazy weekend at Casa de Brian y Molly this weekend, with very little laboring this Labor Day weekend.  Brian did assemble a table we purchased at Ikea...and, I'm about to put that table to good use with a little work prep for the week.  So, scratch that labor-free comment after all...

I'll leave you with these images (found via Google Images) of the first EVER "CatVidFest" hosted at the Walker last Thursday (you can read about it here).  I was one of the 10,000 attendees at this spectacular 1-hour long viewing party where we watched-you guessed it-cat videos!  I also was lucky to sit next to Maestro (cat pictured below) and his owner during the viewing.  Such a fun event and ohhh, how I embrace my cat craziness!

(images sourced from Google Images via search on "Cat Vid Fest")