Do as the Locals Do

Last month, on a particularly cold day, B and I ventured out to walk on the frozen, solid Lake Calhoun to try to make peace with our new, snowy climes here in "Uptown" Minnesota.

During our snowy walk, B found some very interesting tracks...I wonder what they could be?

BIG BEAR!!!! B narrowly escaped!

...but it turned out they weren't bear tracks at all.  Watch out, B, it's a DINOSAUR!!!!

Crazy day! Of course, the highlight of the day was that I was able to check off an item from my 2013 List - make a snow angel! that I've made my snow angel, I'm ready for Winter to be Oh-Vee-Eee-Arrrr...Winter here in the Great White North is intense!  Good news is, the sun is shining on this Easter Sunda, and the snow is melting...and with the big Wolverine wins this weekend (onto the FINAL FOUR), I think our luck is changing, and spring is on its way!  (Yes, that was a really weak/non-existent connection between the Michigan win and spring coming...but I wanted to work in that big WIN somehow!)