"The List" 2013/2014

"The List" is a compilation of 100 things that I have not done before (*or haven't done in recent years), but would love to accomplish.  My 2013/2014 goal is to complete a quarter of the list.  I feel like I've been in a rut these past few years, supporting the aspirations of those around me, without giving proper thought or attention to my own goals and hopes for the future.  I'd love for this list to help me define some new self aspirations, and I don't know, maybe even help me identify a deeper purpose and vision for the direction I'd like for my life to head.  I mean, is that really too much to ask? (heh).

"The List" was inspired by my friend MK, who was, in turn inspired by a friend of hers.  MK has described her own list experience as life changing, and I am in awe of what she has completed. In fact, she's about to embark on year 3 of list tackling, certainly a testament to the power and inspiration the list can kindle.  MK's list-inspired accomplishments have truly moved me, and I can only hope to be so lucky with my own list. 

*Update: Originally, I wrote this list specifically for 2013, with the intent to stick to it and to write a new list every year. In fact, I completed quite a number of the items on my 2013 list...and I even have a whole bunch of draft write-ups of the items I completed. But, I got hung up on actually finalizing and posting my success stories. And then I got very busy and a little bit bummed out and a little bit demotivated (excusesexcusesexcuses) and my little blog started to feel like a burden, so I ignored it. But, I did not forget it and now that I'm closer to that proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel" (still a ways to go, but hey, at least I can see the glimmers!) I've been thinking about making a come back. So, today on March 21, 2014, I have decided to revive my list (with some edits. I do what I want!) Here goes something...*

So....here it is - my revised 2013/2014 list!

1. Take a Spanish class*
2. Take a Saxophone lesson*
3. Make scallops
4. Make Lobster
5. Take a knife skills cooking class
6. See Book of Mormon
7. (Re)read all the Shakespeare comedies
8. Complete a triathlon
9. Visit Italy
10. Visit Croatia
11. Go on Safari
12. Go Raw for two weeks
13. Go Vegan for two weeks
14. Go Vegetarian for a month 
15. Participate in a murder mystery dinner party
16. Attend a Zombie Pub Crawl
17. Play in a jazz band
18. Teach a financial wellness/financial freedom class
19. Shark dive
20. Write a Goodreads book review 
21. Be an extra on The Walking Dead
22. Attend a taping of the Big Bang Theory
23. Train Timmy or Little Cloud to be a certified therapy cat
24. Participate in a pen pal program
25. Play Trivia at Brits
26. Volunteer to help with a race
27. Visit Duluth
28. Rent a cabin “up north”
29. Go to Summerfest in Milwaukee
30. Go ice skating*
31. Golf 18 holes 
32. Get out of credit card debt...once and for all!
33. Walk 10,000+ steps a day for a consecutive 30 days
34. Take a Khan Academy class 
35. See the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree
36. Take the GRE 
37. Blog “consistently”  (average 1+ entry a week for at least 8 weeks)
38. Go downhill skiing*
39. Go cross country skiing*
40. Join a wine of the month club
41. Visit wine country
42. Visit my sister in El Paso
43. Start an herb garden
44. Practice yoga “consistently” (average one or more class a week for at least  8 weeks)*
45. Complete 21 Day Sugar Detox
46. Get professional (but fun) headshots taken
47. Take a creative writing class
48. Gift myself an “expensive” piece of jewelry (that I will presumably own and wear for a lifetime). (=$500+)
49. Hold plank for 5 minutes
50. Complete the 200 squat challenge (you can read about what that is here)
51. Spend the night in a castle
52. Run a destination race* (any distance 10K or greater, at least 50 miles from Minneapolis)
53. Make a list of my top 10 songs that have impacted my life in some way
54. Make a list of my top 10 books that have impacted my life in some way
55. Make a list of my top 10 movies that have impact my life in some way
56. Read a biography of a US president selected at random (I asked B to pick a # between 1-44.  He did not know the purpose. And... he selected “19.” Awesome.  I’ll be reading the biography Ruthorford B. Hayes - UPDATE: I asked Brian to pick another number, he said "27" - William Howard Taft. OK, those are my choices!)
57. Ride a ride at the Minnesota state fair
58. Post a video on YouTube (or other video sharing site)
59. Create a Gif
60. Go to NYC for fun (NOT as a part of a business trip!)
61. Buy something at a Farmer's Market
62. Take CPR certification course
63. Go on a holiday light tour
64. Take a ballroom dance class (with B)
65. Upcycle my mom’s old jewelry box
66. Take a trip to Boundary Waters
67. Go to bed (lights out) by 930p for a full ‘work week’ (Sun eve thru Thur eve)
68. Get a plot in a community garden
69. Get my antique ring appraised
70. Somehow help MK achieve one of her 52 New (And get a mention on her "thank you" list!)
71. Get a hot stone massage
72. Make a snow angel*
73. Buy a pair of cowboy boots (preferably in TX)
74. Take a hip hop class
75. Write a letter to my congressman
76. Travel by Nice Ride
77. Volunteer as an animal socializer
78. Attend a Summer beer fest in MN
79. Lake Minnetonka boat cruise
80. Buy coffee for a stranger
81. Send photo Christmas cards
82. Lunch with Brian at GM
83. TV free for a week
84. Try a Doritos Locos Taco
85. Refinish a piece of furniture
86. Sell something on Craigslist
87. Host a game night*
88. Lose 25 lbs
89. Become a certified master recycler in Hennepin County
90. Volunteer in a foreign country
91. Post something inspiring on a public bulletin board
92. Trip to DC*
93. See Aziz Live!
94. Take an art class*
95. Pay off my car
96. Get a cactus 
97. Spend a night on the town in St. Paul
98. No Diet Coke for a month
99. Get Hitched!
100. Decorative window paint

102. BONUS: Visit the Southern Hemisphere